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Donation items that HCRS can always use 




Both hard and soft food is accepted and most welcome! We have 9 feral colonies to feed 365 days a year. Email us for the drop point in North End Halifax. Please note: We cannot accept expired food or food that has already been opened. This is for the safety of our rescues and ferals. Unopened cat treats are also welcome, as they are great for helping to trap/rescue cats.

Litter (clumping or non-clumping)

Clumping is used for our foster homes. Non-clumping, corn based litter or "Yesterday's News" is also accepted for use with rescue kittens.


Cat carriers (working condition only, please)

We can always use cat carriers that are in good, clean (no rust) working condition. 

Donation of new/gently used auction items

We do a lot of Facebook auctions, flea markets and other sales. We can use new products that you craft, or gently used items that are not too bulky. For auction items, contact Shelley by email at

Please note: furniture or well-used cat trees cannot be accepted due to limitation on storage space.


NEW litterboxes and scoops (no food bowls needed, thanks)

We often supply these items for our foster homes. Please note: used litterboxes and scoops (no matter how clean) cannot be accepted. 


We are always so grateful for monentary donations and this is because we have an ever growing vet bill. We fundraise with small events and through adoption donations, but we always fall short. Without your help, we simply couldn't make it. If you'd like to donate for our vet bills or for feral food and foster supplies, visit our DONATE page for easy ways to do so! Tax receipts are available for donations over $30.

Something you have that isn't listed?

Please contact us to ask if we can use it.

Ready to drop off donated items?

Please contact us for our drop location.

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