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You've found a cat in distress



Thank you for caring about a cat that may need help. A cat in distress, whether ill, injured or abandoned without food or water, is an emergency and should be handled quickly. Halifax Cat Rescue Society is not equipped to aid in these situations and you must contact Animal Control or the SPCA.

HRM Animal Control  (or dial 311)

SPCA  (or dial 902-468-7877)


Why can't Halifax Cat Rescue Society assist in urgent emergency situations?


HCRS is made up of less than a dozen core volunteers. We are unpaid, have day jobs, and other responsibilities. This stops us from being able to act quickly when a true emergency arises.

Also, because HCRS uses foster homes instead of having a fixed shelter location, it takes much more time to organize a rescue endeavour  because we do not have an immediate place to take a cat between the time a cat is rescued and the time it is vetted and then brought to a foster home.

These restrictions do not mean we do not want to help, and we will if we can, but we always advise that you contact the two options above because they are equipped to handle emergencies at all times.

Cats left behind in apartments: 


A cat that has been left behind in an apartment or that has obviously been abandoned with no food, water is in a dangerous situation. Tell your landlord immediately to ensure the cat is not in distress for longer than a day; after that, lack of water and food becomes life threatening. If you know who abandoned the cat, contact the SPCA and submit an animal cruelty form. Do not assume that others are helping - they may not know about it or assume someone else will take care of the cat.

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