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Helping an abandoned cat

First, a big thank you for coming this far and caring about a cat that is obviously on it's own. When a cat is abandoned, a rescue like HCRS will want to help if they can. However, there are things that you can do as an individual in meantime or to solve the situation on your own. If every one of us helped just one cat, our city's current cat crisis would be no where near the level it is today! 

Here are some helpful ways to give an abandoned cat aid:


1. Begin leaving water and food out for the cat. The cat will become used to having the food source and stay nearby for rescue when rescue can occur. A regular feeding schedule will allow the rescue team to know when the cat will be around looking for food, making it easier and faster for trapping. If you don't want to leave food out because of raccoons, bring the food in at nightfall; raccoons are nocturnal and will come around after dark, not during the day. The cat will look for the food during the day. You can safely leave water out at all times, even at night time, as it will not attract wildlife (clean water out often).

2. Offer shelter and warmth for the cat. Shelters are very simple to assemble. Whether with a styrofoam cooler or a Rubbermaid container, you can quickly and easily create one to help the cat stay warm and out of weather. Find shelter ideas HERE. We may be able to supply a shelter. Email to check.

3. Bring the cat inside. If the weather is particularly harsh and the cat is friendly enough to come inside, you can put it in a bathroom or spare room overnight (away from your own pets) so they can be in a safe place. You can let the cat back outside when the weather passes if keeping them inside isn't an option. Do this when poor weather makes you worry about the cat's safety and know that you are at least helping when they need it most!

4. Organize help with friends and family. HCRS does what everyone else can do with a bit of organization!

Our own rescue steps include:
    1. Bringing the cat inside. If the cat is skittish, a trap may be needed. In this case, follow the first two steps above to offer shelter and food outside as best as possible.
     2. Set up a vet visit. Raising a few hundred dollars among friends and family will allow the cat to get spayed/neutered, treated for fleas and worms, as well as have a vet check their health and age. 
    3. Find or be a foster home for the cat. Advertise the cat within your friends and Facebook audience, on Kijiji and by word of mouth for adoption to a fantastic forever home. Do your homework so that the home is FOREVER! 

Thank you for caring when a cat needs help. 


Other organization that may be able to help:


SPCA: 902-468-7877 (keep calling - voicemail may not be answered due to their busy schedules)

Bide Awhile Shelter
: 902-469-9578

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