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Forever Fosters 

Forever Foster of the Month

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What is a "Forever Foster"?

Sometimes, when we test a rescued cat, we find that the cat has a health condition such as feline leukemia (feleuk)feline immunodeficiency virusdiabetes, intestinal issues, asthma, or other medical conditions that hinder adoption possibilities.

Depending on the condition, these cats may need on-going special care or merely to be monitored for any illness that presents itself for followup care.

Because it is soul-destroying to euthanize these usually super-friendly cats merely because they have a known, treatable condition, we elect to offer them as "forever foster" cats instead.  This means you essentially adopt the cat, to live out their luxe life lived indoors, and we worry about the vet bills, which is the principal reason why people choose not to adopt these cats.  Win-win!


Current forever foster cats will be listed as such on our ADOPT page! 

Forever Foster applicants must fill out, and be approved for, forever fostering as if it was a true adoption. Please use the button below to fill out the application form. Although this application may seem lengthy, we ask that you take time to answer all the questions as best as possible. Thank you for considering forever fostering, we'll be in touch within a few days. Sometimes, we might take a bit longer because we are such a small group of volunteers. Please take this into consideration before you fill out the application. The process is not as fast as the SPCA or other shelters who have an actual shelter and many more workers.

Remember, Forever Fostering is a situation that allows HCRS to take care of vetting, but is, in essence,

a true adoption in that ​it is considered to be a life long forever home for the cat. :)

One last note: When you have been approved for a forever foster situation with HCRS, you will be asked to sign a contract that enforces all of the above. HCRS reserves the right to end a forever fostering situation under any circumstance deemed by HCRS to be harmful/stressful to the cat, or is not an ideal situation for that particular cat. We always have the cat's interests first and foremost and hope that you understand this policy.

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